25 February 2013

observations on life (not triathlon related) #2

i was going through some old blog posts for fun, and i found this:

from 25 august 2005

states i've YET to visit (13):alabama / alaska / arkansas / hawaii / kansas / louisiana / michigan / mississippi / missouri / new mexico / oklahoma / tennessee / washington

i realize i can remove some of those!  here's the current new list of states i've still not visited:

alabama / arkansas / kansas / louisiana /michigan / mississippi / missouri / new mexico / oklahoma

only 9!  pretty cool!  although i have no reason to ever go to the deep south, i wouldn't mind going to missouri to visit my friends kurt and maria in st louis, new mexico to visit rosie and danny...and oklahoma and michigan can't be that bad...i just haven't found a reason to go there yet.


related to travel, but more related to rugby...

i went to last vegas a few weekends ago to visit with my old rugby team, the minneapolis menagerie.  we went for the las vegas invitational, which - since it is february - would be a pre-pre season game for the ladies on the team.  i was going as a sub, and was happy that i got a little bit of playing time and no major injuries.  i was also happy that i wasn't incredibly sore the next day (thanks triathlon training!)  though, i didn't play wing like i usually end up doing, so i didn't have to do a ton of sprinting or open field tackling, which i think have been the major culprits of my soreness in the past.

but i digress.  what bothered me about this trip, versus all other tours i've gone on with them, is that i felt really isolated from the team on the whole.  and was surprised to find out that the whole team was sitting together on saturday while i was off with a splinter group, oblivious to the fact that everyone else was sitting together.  and that made me feel really sad, that i lost a whole day with those people i would have preferred to sit with.  and all because no one communicated with me about who was going where or anything like that.  true, i did get to the pitch late and on my own because i'd stayed out late the night before and realized i needed to do some packing for my flight the next day.  but i felt like no one reached out to me, no one took the initiative to call me or try to figure out what i was doing.  just felt really isolated and alone.  and that's no good.  for future reference, i will have more people's phone numbers and hopefully others will try to seek me out to do things with them as well.  otherwise, what's the point?

also, what's the deal with going to vegas in february and it's 50 degrees, windy, and cold?  where's my fun in the sun?!

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